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  • Reunion Music

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    Not a review of the Reunion per se, but of the music that made the party.

    I pulled into the hotel after a ride through heavy traffic. How many times do you get to step into an event twenty years after you’ve essentially disappeared from the lives of a bunch of people with whom you came of age?


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  • Unexpected Change

    In January 1943, warm Chinook winds hit Spearfish, South Dakota, raising the temperatures from –4° to 45°F (–20° to 7° C) over a...

Mayor Sherwin Gatchalian of Batch 91 among this year's TOYM awardee

December 7, 2011 - Valenzuela City Mayor Sherwin Gatchalian is among the 7 Ten Outstanding Young Men awardees of 2011 honored in Malacanang.

Mayor Gatchalian is from Batch 1991.


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