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  • Reunion Music

    Side A

    Not a review of the Reunion per se, but of the music that made the party.

    I pulled into the hotel after a ride through heavy traffic. How many times do you get to step into an event twenty years after you’ve essentially disappeared from the lives of a bunch of people with whom you came of age?


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  • Unexpected Change

    In January 1943, warm Chinook winds hit Spearfish, South Dakota, raising the temperatures from –4° to 45°F (–20° to 7° C) over a...

2nd GCC Invitational Golf Cup

2nd GCC Invitational Golf CupGrace Christian College recently held its 2nd Invitational Golf Cup for the benefit of former teachers of the school.  The event was held at the Wack Wack Golf and Country Club last October 23, 2012.

More pictures of the event on Facebook and also of the awarding ceremonies.