Date Time Pace Academy Results
Light Dark
Dec. 12 (Fri) 7:00PM GCC Varsity Cityland Batch 2007 86 / 91


VERY IMPORTANT: Please be reminded to put the World Balance Logo on the front right side of your jersey and GABL on the left side. Thanks!
  Teams W-L   Teams W-L
1 Wishcraft   A Kopinando  
2 Kanzai Auto Supply   B Uhr-kraft Watch  
3 Snowbird Plastics   C Captain's Burger  
4 Besman Auto Supply   D Gerry's Grille  
5 Batch 2001   E Game Crab Boardgame Cafe  
6 Alex Shoes   F Yao Family  
7 Starflex Wires   G Unleash  
  Date Time Light Dark Results
1 Jan.11 (Fri) 1:00PM Wishcraft Kopinando  
2 2:15PM Kanzai Auto Supply Captain's Burger  
3 3:30PM Besman Auto Supply Yao Family  
4 4:45PM Starflex Wires Unleash  
5 Jan.13 (Tue) 7:30PM Batch 2001 Uhr-kraft Watch  
6 8:45PM Alex Shoes Gerry's Grille  
7 Jan.16 (Fri) 7:30PM Unleash Besman Auto Supply  
8 8:45PM Snowbird Game Crab Cafe  
* Note: January 18 is the only Sunday with 5 games.
9 Jan.18 (Sun) 1:00PM Gerry's Grille Batch 2001  
10 2:15PM Uhr-kraft Watch Kanzai Auto Supply  
11 3:30PM Kopinando Starflex Wires  
12 4:45PM Game Crab Cafe Alex Shoes  
13 6:00PM Captain's Burger Wishcraft  
14 Jan.20 (Tue) 7:30PM Yao Family Snowbird Plastics  
15 8:45PM Besman Auto Supply Kopinando  
16 Jan.23 (Fri) 7:30PM Wishcraft Unleash  
17 8:45PM Starflex Wires Captain's Burger  
18 Jan.25 (Sun) 1:00PM Alex Shoes Yao Family  
19 2:15PM Snowbird Plastics Gerry's Grille  
20 3:30PM Batch 2001 Unleash  
21 4:45PM Uhr-kraft Watch Besman Auto Supply  
22 Jan.27 (Tue) 7:30PM Kanzai Auto Supply Kopinando  
23 8:45PM Game Crab Cafe Wishcraft  
24 Jan.30 (Fri) 7:30PM Snowbird Plastics Captain's Burger  
25 8:45PM Gerry's Grille Starflex Wires  
26 Feb.1 (Sun) 1:00PM Kopinando Batch 2001  
27 2:15PM Kanzai Auto Supply Game Crab Cafe  
28 3:30PM Captain's Burger Besman Auto Supply  
29 4:45PM Alex Shoes Uhr-Kraft Watch  
30 Feb.3 (Tue) 7:30PM Snowbird Plastics Unleash  
31 8:45PM Yao Family Wishcraft  
32 Feb.6 (Fri) 7:30PM Uhr-kraft Watch Starflex Wires  
33 8:45PM Gerry's Grille Kanzai Auto Supply  
34 Feb.8 (Sun) 1:00PM Besman Auto Supply Game Crab Cafe  
35 2:15PM Unleash Alex Shoes  
36 3:30PM Kopinando Snowbird Plastics  
37 4:45PM Yao Family Batch 2001  
38 Feb.10 (Tue) 7:30PM Kanzai Auto Supply Yao Family  
39 8:45PM Wishcraft Uhr-kraft Watch  
40 Feb.13 (Fri) 7:30PM Game Crab Cafe Starflex Wires  
41 8:45PM Captain's Burger Alex Shoes  
42 Feb.15 (Sun) 1:00PM Gerry's Grille Wishcraft  
43 2:15PM Batch 2001 Captain's Burger  
44 3:30PM Starflex Wires Yao Family  
45 4:45PM Unleash Kanzai Auto Supply  
46 Feb.17 (Tue) 7:30PM Gerry's Grille Besman Auto Supply  
47 8:45PM Snowbird Plastics Uhr-kraft Watch  
48 Feb.20 (Fri) 7:30PM Alex Shoes Kopinando  
49 8:45PM Game Crab Cafe Batch 2001  
50 Feb.22 (Sun) 1:00PM 1 2  
51 2:15PM A B  
52 3:30PM 3 4  
53 4:45PM C D  
54 Feb.24 (Tue) 7:30PM 4 1  
55 8:45PM D A  
56 Feb.27 (Fri) 7:30PM B C  
57 8:45PM 2 3  
58 Mar.1 (Sun) 1:00PM D B  
59 2:15PM 3 1  
60 3:30PM C A  
61 4:45PM 4 2  

Elimination Round:
Teams will be divided into two groups, seven (7) teams each. Teams will play the teams that are on the other bracket for the elimination games (7 games). Ties will be broken through classification points then quotient system (total winning points / total losing points). No play-off games.

Top four teams for each group, their win-loss record will be carried-over, will enter the quarter-finals and will play the teams that are in their group (3 more games).

Wildcard Round:
Top two teams qualify for the semi-final round.
No.3 team versus No.6 team, and No.4 team versus No. 5 team
Knock-out match to determine the other two semifinalists (No twice to beat advantage)

No.1 Team faces the lowest seed qualifier of the wild card round while No.2 team faces the other qualifier. No.1 and No.2 teams enjoys a twice to beat advantage, however, teams having the same win-loss record will just have a knockout match.

Winners of the semi-final round enter the knockout championship game.