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8th Grace Alumni Basketball League (GABL)

Fellowship Division 2013

OBJECTIVE“Friendship strenghtens through sports”


  1. Tournament will start on January 20, 2013. Games will be played every Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays. The venue for this league will be at SGS Stadium, Araneta Avenue.

  2. Each participating team can submit a maximum list of eighteen (18) players only. All (18) players in their line-up can be fielded during the game.

  3. Teams are required to show up with 50% + 1 number of players and a Muse for the Opening Ceremony.

    1. Teams will be fined ONE THOUSAND PESOS (P1,000.00) per player below the required number.

    2. Children below FIFTEEN (15) years old will not be allowed as Muse.

  4. Tournament Fee for each participating team is Twenty-eight thousand pesos (P28,000) plus Guaranty Bond of P2,000 (refundable). Teams should be fully-paid before the start of the tournament.

  5. Mr. Reynaldo de Vera will be the Technical Commissioners. The Officiating Official in this tournament is given to Samahang Basketball ng Pilipinas (SBP). The latest edition of FIBA rules and regulation shall govern this tournament.

  6. Submission of line-up/gallery should be one month (December 21, 2012) before start of tournament. So that the screening committee and other participating teams can check the players of each teams. Participating teams will be given a copy of all participating teams line-up. Players may be asked to submit proof of his eligibility as alumnus of the school. (e.g. report card, year book, etc)


    1. Teams are required to have two (2) sets of uniforms; a light and a dark colored uniform. The light colored uniform will be white or yellow, any dark color aside from white/yellow will be considered dark colored.

    2. Team’s shorts can be one as long as it is dark colored

    3. Players should stick to the assigned uniform; no special changes will be entertained.

    4. A player will not be allowed to play if he does not have the proper uniform.

    5. Team should wear the officially assigned set of uniform indicated in the schedule or lose the game by forfeiture.

    6. Logo of event partner must be printed in front of the jersey.

    7. Teams will be fined ONE THOUSAND PESOS (1,000.00) and warned on their first game if they don’t comply with the required uniform design.

    8. Teams will not be allowed to play on their next game if they don’t comply with the required uniform design on the next game.

  8. Eligibility

Only players who have never been part of any varsity program from high school first year onwards or Inter-Alumni teams are allowed to play. Former varsity players are eligible when they turn 40 years old.

  1. Force-Majuers: After 20 minutes that the force-majeur had occurred, the following procedures shall be applied:

    1. If the force-majeur occurred during the first half of the game, that game shall be canceled and re-scheduled at the end of the round. The game will start from the beginning. Only those present team members on that canceled game can play on the re-scheduled game.

    2. If the force-majeur occurred after the first half of the game, the game shall be continued at the end of the round. All scores, fouls, team fouls, time remaining, etc. shall be valid. Again, only those present team members on that canceled game can play on the re-scheduled game.

    3. If the electronic scoreboard and/or electronic time malfunctioned, hand held game watch or stop watch &chalk board shall be used.

    4. If the Technical Committee decides to postpone a game/s because of “Force Majeure” before it has begun, the said games will be played at the latter part of the tournament.

  2. Defaulting/Forfeiting Time is FIVE (5) minute/s after a team’s scheduled game. Team who uses the default/forfeiting time will be assessed a Technical Foul for Delaying the Game before the jumpball.

  3. Time:

    1. In between games (warm up time for next game): 5 Minutes

    2. Half-time: 5 Minutes

    3. Time-outs: 1 Minute – Buzzer will sound at 40 second to call players back to the game.

  4. Schedule of Games:

    1. Tuesdays and Fridays: First game 8:30PM; Second game 9:45PM

    2. Sundays: First game 12:00NN; Second game 1:15PM; Third game 2:30PM; Fourth game 3:45PM

  5. Only the Head Coach or Team Captain in the floor can communicate with the game officials including table officials regarding technicalities but not judgment call. However, it should be in a courteous and calm manner.

  6. Official Ball: Molten GG7 – only official ball will be used on the game. the tournament is not responsible to provide the teams balls for their warm up.

  7. Technical Fouls: Player/s caught giving an obscene sign such as dirty finger or heard saying bad words to any official/s, technical committee/s, or to an opponent, that player/s will be given:

    1. Technical foul (Fine of P1,000.00) on the first offense;

    2. Unsportsmanlike Foul (Fine of P2,000.00) on the first offense.

    3. Thrown out of the game on the second offense and will be suspended on his next team game. Also an additional penalty of P2,000.00 will be assessed to that subject.

A player shall be disqualified / send out of the game if:
- He commits two (2) technical fouls in a game;
- He commits two (2) unsportsmanlike fouls in a game;
- He commits both or combination of the two types of fouls mentioned beforehand.
- The technical committee has the power to disqualify any player that may cause detrimental values to the league.

  1. A player/coach disqualified or send out of the game shall be automatically be suspended on his next game. Repeating this offense shall be automatically disqualified from further participation in the league. In case it’s the last game, the suspension will be imposed on the next league.

  2. Penalties and fines must be settled before the team play their next game.

  3. A player/coach would be suspended on his next game for every technical foul/unsportsmanlike foul he commits, if he has accumulated 3 or more technical fouls/unsportsmanlike foul for the season.

  4. The following are prohibited from the gym’s premises:

    1. Alcoholic beverages

    2. Prohibited drugs

    3. Guns or deadly weapon/s

Team Members found positive of either alcohol or high on drugs will not be allowed to sit down on the team’s bench and will not be allowed to play on that day. The committee has the final decision on this matter.

  1. Forfeitures: If a team that “walks-out” of the game, the remaining time-out(s) will first be consumed for the team to come back and resume the game. After time-out(s) are consumed, the team will be called for a Technical Foul. The ball will be inbounded by the opponent at the midcourt, if during the time of inbound the team has yet to come back to the court, the team will lose the game by forfeiture.

    1. A team who lost by two (2) defaults / forfeitures shall be disqualified from further participation.

    2. Fine for a default or a walk-out of a game is P5,000.00.

  2. In case of fights, every player involved will be automatically banned from the league. A fight means: someone who has thrown a punch or kick an opponent or other physical contact that is not related to basketball. The officials and the technical committee still have the final decision.

  3. A Player/Team Official who shows disrespect or unsportsmanlike conduct towards the game officials and organizers may face sanctions as recommended by the Commissioner.

  4. All postponed games will be re-scheduled at the end of the round. There will be no games when typhoon is raised to Signal No. 2 & up.

  5. Attire

    1. Coach and/or team officials must be in proper attire (slippers, shorts or sleeveless shirt not allowed). Anyone who violates this rule may not sit on the team’s bench and may not guide their team on that game.

    2. Injured players must also be in proper attire if he wants to sit on the bench (slippers, shorts or sleeveless shirt not allowed).

  6. Protest

    1. The team captain of the protesting team must sign the Score sheet “Under Protest” after his team game and inform the organizer that he’s protesting the result of the game.

    2. The team must forward a formal written protest to the Committee on Protest within 24 hours after the game has been played.

    3. The written protest should have a deposit of P2,000.00 as security. The same amount shall be returned if their protest is valid. However, if the protest is not valid, the deposited money will not be returned to the protesting party.

    4. Protest on player’s eligibility shall be entertained up to the last game of the elimination round.

    5. Decision of the technical committee shall & will be final.

  7. Game Format


Elimination Round:

  • 11 Teams – Single Round Format (Minimum of 10 games per team).

  • Top 4 teams after the elimination round will advance to the semi-finals round.


Semi Finals:

  • No. 1 vs No. 4 = W1

  • No. 2 vs No. 3= W2

  • Twice to beat advantage for No. 1 and No. 2 Teams.

  • There will be no Twice to beat advantage if the teams have same win-loss record.



  • W1 vs W2 = Champion

Note: Classification Points
Win = 2pts, Loss = 1pt, Default or Forfeiture = 0pt.



Classification points will always be the first basis for team ranking in case win-loss records are the same.
If teams also have same win-loss record, classification points, rankings will be determined by quotient system.

Important Dates:

November 23, 2012 -First Team Representatives Meeting

December 14, 2012 -Deadline for Confirmation

December 21, 2012 -Deadline for Requirements (Picture Gallery, Line-up, Tournament Fee)

January 11, 2013 -Coaches’/Team Representatives/Technical Meeting

January 20, 2013 -Tournament Opening

March 17, 2013 -Tournament Closing/Awarding


*Line-up Form, Team Gallery can be downloaded at www.headstart.ph

The committee reserves the right to decide on situations that are not discussed in the rules.