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  • Reunion Music

    Side A

    Not a review of the Reunion per se, but of the music that made the party.

    I pulled into the hotel after a ride through heavy traffic. How many times do you get to step into an event twenty years after you’ve essentially disappeared from the lives of a bunch of people with whom you came of age?


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  • Daily Dependence

    One morning our younger kids decided to get up early and fix breakfast for themselves. Tired from a grueling week, my wife and I were trying to sleep until at...


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1   Link   Grace Christian College
Grace Christian College, formerly Grace Christian High School, our alma mater
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Grace Christian Church
3   Link   Grace Gospel Church
Grace Gospel Church
First church started by Mrs. Julia Tan, founder of Grace Christian College
4   Link   Grace Christian College FB group
Grace Christian College Facebook group
5   Link   Grace Christian Church FB page
Grace Christian Church Facebook page